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Jacket samples or seconds

Jacket samples or seconds

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Time for another clear out! 

As I develop new gear there is lots of samples along the way! Testing out different things, colours, etc

Now they're all up for sale, including some seconds jackets (missing a liner or something etc). All are NEW except where listed and there is only one of each sample (mostly in large).

Listed below:

1) LARGE - Ol Bobber charcoal brown leather but lots more vents and double leather on the arms

2) LARGE - Gen 1 Tallarook in different colour (Used, no liner)

3) LARGE - Cordura shirt light brown

4) LARGE - Gen 1 Tallarook jacket but with reflectors

5) LARGE - Gen 2 Tallarook green (stitching is slightly different green)

6) LARGE - Ol Bobber charcoal brown leather but with double layer of leather in the arms

7) LARGE - EngineHawk 50cal jacket - never worn, I kept getting ads for it and was curious haha. Still has tags on it. Think it was about $500 new

8) SMALL, LARGE, XL - Ol Bobbers - No removable liner included


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