'About' and Submit a Gear Request

I started Black Pup Moto because I could never find quite what I wanted. I wanted gear that matched the more classic/cafe racer style of bikes I liked. 

Real high-grade leather without too much branding on the outside and without plastic-y add ons. 

I originally started with the Original glove (where the name came from and also a nod to gear used to be made) as I simply couldn't find a brown leather classic-styled motorbike glove but with no over the top branding. Just a simple well-made glove.

So I did it myself!


The reaction to the very first gloves was amazing! I loved them (and still use the very first pair ever made!) and most importantly you the customer also did.

So I finally got my A into G and made a Facebook page (give it a cheeky follow if you are on FB) and this website. Pretty soon people were liking the design but wanted it in black so I brought out the Classics.



The gear has evolved over time with upgrades to every product with feedback from the customers. 

I loved the process of bringing you the customer into the conversation as you were in the same position as me wanting something a certain way.

Now (at time of writing) I have 6 styles of gloves and 3 type of jackets and Black Pup Moto continues to grow! Its been amazing and I have so much fun hearing from you about what you want.

Speaking of! If you have an idea for gear you would like to see, or if you have a BPM product already and have an idea for improvement or another version. Contact me on the chat on the website or email me here