Sizing Guide


I totally get buying a jacket or glove online can involve a bit of risk when it comes to sizing etc so I am more than happy to do a size swap or return if you want (provided its still in the same condition it got sent to you in).

All Gloves:

Firstly measure your knuckles like so:


All gloves except the 'Double Length' winter gloves:



Sizing for the 'Double Length' winter gloves:

Then measure here to see if you need the regular fit or shorter finger fit:



Leather Jackets:

There are 2 main measurements for the jackets; Chest and sleeve.

Below is the sizing guide. I've done this a little different to how most sizing guides are done. Instead of giving a sizing like 32, 34, 36, etc I have given the actual size of the jacket so you can pick the one that best suits you. 

The main measurement is the chest measurement.

1) You want to take your own chest measurement (under the armpits at the widest part)

2) Then add a minimum of 14cm to that measurement then choose from the below table. If you want a more relaxed fit or you typically ride with more layers underneath add another 2-4cm then choose from the below.

If you would like another specific measurement just let me know (eg biceps) and I can measure it for you, no dramas! If you would like help with sizing email or message on Facebook and I can help. I can also potentially get bigger and smaller sizes in if yours isn't here.

If the way ive done this size guide is confusing as hell and I should do it like everyone let me know and ill do that.