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Kevlar Jeans

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So these were my first go at kevlar riding jeans.

It was designed to be a single layer kevlar and denim weave (the kevlar and denim are weaved into a single layer instead of the traditional 2 layer set up) which is flexible, breathable and overall very comfortable.

The knee armour is also removable from the outside AND adjustable so that the armour is actually in the right spot for each person. Im on the taller side and pretty much every pair of kevlar jeans ive tried on the armour is in the wrong spot.

Why they were not released:

So i didnt end up actually releasing these in the normal way as there was a manufacturing error where the inside pocket material had another logo on it. When manufacturing them instead of using a blank material, a material containing another logo was used instead! Unbelievable i know... Any way it doesn't make any difference to the user as you cant see it but thats why they are listed cheaper.

Very limited stock